Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your once-beautiful wood floors somewhat shabby?

    Get them back to where they once were! Whether it’s as simple as sanding and refinishing, or as complex as a new inlaid border around the edges, we have the experience and craftsmanship you are looking for.

  • Are you restoring an older home?

    Even the toughest cases may be able to be fixed!

    We can turn back the clock. Your antique hardwood floors can be restored to reveal the floor’s original beauty, looking the way it was intended to look when it was first installed in the house 100-plus years ago.

  • Have a particularly challenging floor suffering from cracks or termite damage?

    Don’t give up; give us a call. Your downtrodden floors will be brought back to life!

    There is nothing quite like the squeak of a tennis shoe against the golden glow of a gorgeous gymnasium floor. Reliable wooden gymnasium floor installation and repair is a specialized skill, yet these floors take some of the worst abuse! We are committed to maintaining your gymnasium floor to ensure that it can withstand the abuse for years to come.

    No other type of floor gets nearly as much use and abuse as a school gymnasium. We are one of the few hardwood floor restoration companies in the state of Washington that specializes in gym floors. We’ve been installing, repairing, and refinishing gymnasium floors since 1953. Your wooden gym floor CAN be repaired and maintained for a budget-friendly rate.

    Add a warm, welcoming feel to your business.

  • We also offer commercial-grade hardwood floors!

    Your office or shop will look fantastic after sanding and refinishing, or even installing a brand new wood floor.


Thank you – We love our beautiful floors! We have given your business name to two different people who have asked us about who did our floors.

Helen Lancaster